Premium Coatings

We specialize in the highest quality paint coatings with unmatched shine and durability. These coating technologies are sometimes called ceramic, glass, or quartz, but regardless of the term used, they all provide longer lasting protection than the carnauba or polysealants. They have been tested and we have tried them all, so let us help you in deciding which best suits your needs. You can personally choose from our selection of high quality paint coatings, or let us hand pick the appropriate coating for your vehicle. Each has it’s own unique qualities, from extreme durability to the ability to “stack” the coating to add thickness and replace any lost clear coat.

Hydrophobic Coating Service

Our Hydrophobic Coating Service leaves a hardened protective barrier between the paint (or other protected areas) and harmful environmental contaminants. This barrier provides a brilliant gloss and offers a level of protection to your car that can’t be equaled by any wax or sealant. While most Carnauba waxes last only a month or two, and sealants upwards of 4-6 months, you can expect years of durability with a hydrophobic coating.

One of the key features of a hydrophobic coating is that harmful and destructive contaminants won’t stick to the surface as easily, keeping your paint in much better condition for a longer period of time. The surface will also be resistant to environmental pollution bonding with the factory paint layers. The process we use of stacking coatings for thickness can add 2 to 5 microns onto the paint surface.

PAINT COATING POLICY: Hydrophobic Coating services DO NOT include any Paintwork Correction services. Vehicles may require Paintwork Correction prior to coating installation. Please schedule a consultation for full estimate.

NO RUSH POLICY: Our reputation is built on quality service and we will not compromise the integrity of our work by taking shortcuts. If services are not allowed the allotted time required, it will result in inferior service and potential errors so please, plan ahead and schedule accordingly. We will make our best efforts to ensure that deadlines are met; however, there may be some circumstances that will require more time than originally estimated. If the initial diagnosis has changed, we will keep you informed throughout the process and recommend a different course of action, if necessary.


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